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Jaswant Singh Speech in Lok Sabha


Jaswant Singh Speech in Lok Sabha on 19th March 2012- page 24
1204 hours
MADAM SPEAKER: Now, further discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President’ Address. Shri Jaswant Singh.
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): Madam Speaker, I am really grateful that you are giving me this opportunity to intervene at this stage in the Address of the President delivered to both the Houses of Parliament.
Jaswant Singh
My next and the last point is about Gorkhaland Territorial Administration. Madam, unequivocally, without any reservation whatsoever, I would like to compliment, first of all, the hon. Finance Minister, then the hon. Home Minister and he then has a Deputy, Shri Maken ji, who is sitting behind, for the support that they provided, for the support that the Union Government provided for the issue of Gorkhas, the support that the leadership of the Trinamool demonstrated in the establishment of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration. It is really one of the most significant and strategically steps that has been taken and because of the alacrity and the efficiency of the Trinamool Government in Bengal. And, I do compliment, Mamata ji and I do compliment very much the Union Home Minister, Shri Chidambaram and his able Deputies and Maken sahib and also you as the Finance Minister of the support that you would give.
I have two or three requests to make in respect of Gorkhaland. The entire House must please approach because it is strategically a very important area, the district of Darjeeling, where I accidentally happened to represent because my leader Advani ji and the Gorkhas came from Darjeeling to ask me to represent them in the only district in the country that adjoined four international boarders. Please recognize, therefore, that importance.
The territorial administration is the first step towards the achievement of Gorkhaland, but they cannot jump to Gorkhaland. So, let this Gorkhaland Administration be built up. It also sits at the head of chicken’s neck and, as I explained once to His Excellency, the present Governor of West Bengal, is not just sitting on the neck, it is sitting on the gullet of the chicken’s neck. It is a highly strategically important area, it must be developed. Therefore, I ask you, Mr. Finance Minister, please recognize the logic of contiguous areas, where good Gorkhas inhabit. This is my appeal to the Trinamool Members that if a Committee has been formed to study as to what are the contiguous areas, then recognize the logic of that committee. Determination of contiguous areas must be included.

SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY (KOLKATA UTTAR): If am allowed to speak for a moment, I may tell you for your information that a Committee has already been set up under Justice Shri Shyamal Sen, former Chief Justice and former Governor of West Bengal. The Committee has placed the report and the hon. Home Minister has the idea about what sort of report has been tabled. The latest is Gorkhaland Territorial Act (GTA); earlier it was Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) and ultimately now it has been transferred to GTA. So, naturally, the decision has been approved by the Home Ministry with the initiative of our leader Kumari Mamata Banerjee. She had been to Darjeeling. There was a massive turn out. People endorsed the idea. Some confusions are reported to have arisen.
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We think all these would be sorted out through discussions. As Member of Lok Sabha representing that constituency, you can help us to sort it out. The Trinamool Congress and our leader Kumari Mamata Banerjee are very much trying to sort it out and we hope it will be sorted out, if CPI (M) at least does not disturb.… (Interruptions)

MADAM SPEAKER: Are you yielding, Jaswant Singhji? +ÉÉ{É ¤ÉÉäÉÊãÉA* We cannot have a discussion on this.
MADAM SPEAKER: He is not yielding. I do not think he is yielding. Are you? +ÉÉ{É ¤ÉÉäÉÊãÉA* Nothing else will go on record.
(Interruptions) … (Not recorded)
MADAM SPEAKER: Nothing else is going on record.
(Interruptions) … (Not recorded)
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): I am not suggesting anything. … (Interruptions)
MADAM SPEAKER: All right. Jaswant Singhji, please.
… (Interruptions)
MADAM SPEAKER: Please take your seat.
… (Interruptions)
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): It was far from me to..… (Interruptions)
MADAM SPEAKER: Nothing will go on record.
(Interruptions) … (Not recorded)
+ÉvªÉFÉ àÉcÉänªÉÉ : ªÉc BÉDªÉÉ cÉä ®cÉ cè?
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MADAM SPEAKER: Kindly conclude.
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): I really want to conclude if I am not interrupted. Kindly give me two minutes.
It is a highly sensitive issue. About 175 thousand of them are in uniform. I am not suggesting a bifurcation of Bengal. It is reckoned as what Yunnan has done next door to us…… (Interruptions)
I am not recommending. I may be a representative; you are residing there. … (Interruptions)
MADAM SPEAKER: Please address the Chair and kindly conclude now.
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): There is one more issue.
MADAM SPEAKER: I think the time is of essence. Please conclude.
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): My request is to the hon. Home Minister.… (Interruptions)
SHRI JASWANT SINGH (DARJEELING): Some Gorkhas have been granted a tribal status; others have not been granted. I hope the hon. Home Minister will handle this case with great sensitivity and understanding. I appeal to him and to the Government not to divide the Gorkhas into tribals and non-tribals because if some are tribals, then the balance are also tribals. This would answer a great concern.
My final request is to the hon. Finance Minister. I know the head-aches that all Finance Ministers have. I know the strains on the exchequer. But, please understand that after the difficulties of 30 years that Darjeeling has suffered, they require a start-up fund. Please consider that sympathetically.
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1220 hours
THE PRIME MINISTER (DR. MANMOHAN SINGH): Madam Speaker, I rise to join all Members of this august House in conveying our sincere thanks to the hon. President for her enlightened Address. The debate on the President’s Address has been very wide-ranging and Shri Jaswant Singhji has made his contribution as well. I thank all the hon. Members from all sides who have contributed to this debate.

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